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Why HYPER for Executives



  • 90%+ of executive searches are hidden. Apply directly to these confidential positions
  • View search activity per geography, industry and function
  • Understand what sectors, profiles, skills are trending


  • Compare how you’re positioned versus current demand in Executive Search
  • Actionable insights to improve your positioning and place you into the hidden opportunity flow


  • Catapult onto radar screens of reputable companies seeking leaders worldwide
  • Match into unpublished executive opportunities
  • Accessible only to qualified top-tier Search Firms


  • Select which firms can access your profile and which cannot
  • No public access, so no unwanted business solicitations
  • Never visible to other executives

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Executive Searches

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What People are Saying About HYPER

Research commissioned by new cloud platform Hyper, suggests that over 78% of executives would like it to be easier for them to be identified for a new career opportunity, yet over 90%+ of senior opportunities are hidden. Hyper aims to rectify this by confidentially connecting individuals in the C-Suite with suitable leadership positions.
HYPER, the executive search visibility and matching platform, today released findings of its new research into executive attitudes towards senior leadership recruitment and career progression. 90%+ of executive opportunities are hidden. Only 6% of executives have come across their current roles via advertised listings.
Borrer Executive Search
"Hyper allows us to focus on the in-depth work of search while taking advantage of today’s digital technology to identify and contact Executives efficiently. Hyper’s professional Executive Search tool is targeted to our search needs across the international markets we recruit for. It is a great source of up-to-date profiles of Executives – we can see from the onset what roles they are eventually open to change for and we can match that with our search mandates and contact them in just one click."
- Borrer Executive Search -
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HYPER different?

HYPER provides a platform for executives to apply and get matched into the 90% of the executive job market that is hidden. In addition, HYPER provides visibility into concealed executive search activity, a picture of how you’re positioned versus demand, and insights for placing yourself into current sweet spots for executive talent.

Is HYPER a social network?

No. The HYPER platform is closed to non-members, and Executive members are never visible or accessible by other Executive members. Executives are only accessible by the search firms of their choosing.

What types of Search Firms are on the HYPER platform?

HYPER is designed for top-tier Executive Search Firms and Executive Recruiters working on retained or in-house searches for senior leaderhip positions.

What professionals are on HYPER?

HYPER is designed for Executives from all industry sectors, functions, geographies and types of organizations. Executives are typically the top 3-5% of all organizations, ranging from Director, Vice President, C-Level to CEO, Partner and Board member.

Is there a cost to using HYPER?

HYPER offers two subscription levels – a Free plan and a fee-based Premium plan. Monthly pricing on the Premium plan depends on subscription duration. We offer subscriptions of 3, 6 and 12 month durations.

What is HYPER's privacy and data protection policy?

Personally-identifiable data provided by Executives and Search Firms in their use of the HYPER platform is encrypted. This includes on-platform messages between Search Firms and Executives. In addition, HYPER's servers and data storage are located in Switzerland and governed by Swiss Privacy and Security laws, one of the strictest data privacy environments in the world. For more information, we invite you to consult our Privacy and Security policy.