Created for Executives
by Executives

Whether you’re happy where you are or foresee a career transition, today's senior executives should always be generating career options.


The Need

You're leading companies, regions, business units, functions, divisions, teams.

You're looking to stay connected to the market for senior leadership positions, and to how you're positioned vs. current demand for executive talent.

You're looking to stay on search firm radar screens.

You never know when perfect-fit opportunities may come along, or what can happen within your current company or organization.

However, the reality is:

  • Positions at your level are rarely published. > 90% of executive searches are hidden.
  • There’s little real-time visibility into below-the-surface executive search trends such as geographies, functions, industries, profiles, skills in demand.
  • There’s no way to efficiently access the fragmented universe of search firms looking for new leadership in your areas of interest.
  • Confidentiality is critical. It’s not easy to confidentially signal what and where you'd like to go next.
  • You’re busy. You’re really busy. There's no time to explore the market. “Shotgun networking” is time-consuming and inefficient.

Hyper was created for you.


The Hyper Solution

Hyper is a closed, confidential platform for executives only.

Hyper provides:

  • Access to top-tier search firms worldwide – both external search consultants (headhunters) and internal corporate executive recruiters.
  • Ability to apply directly to hidden executive positions.
  • Confidential matching into unpublished executive positions.
  • Control over which firms can and cannot access your profile.
  • Visibility into hidden Executive Search activity – what locations/functions/sectors are trending
  • Actionable insights and levers to place you within the hidden opportunity flow.

Hyper is not a social network. Executives are never visible or accessible by other executives.

Want more Visibility & Access?